We proudly present the newly released CD 'Felix Austria' by Canadian-born Dutch cellist Pamela Smits and German pianist Sabine Simon. Music of Hungarian and Czech composers by Kodály, Ligeti, Bartók, Dvorák, Janáček and Popper.

'These two outstanding musicians have wowed many audiences, leaving them in awe by their brilliant performances with first-rate playing, impassioned musicianship and musical intelligence." -Holland Art Centre, November 2010

Album notes:

Canadian-born Dutch cellist Pamela Smits and German pianist Sabine Simon first met each other in 1991, during a summer course in Ernen, Switserland given by the renowned Hungarian pianist and pedagogue György Sebök. Later, they both studied at Indiana University in Bloomington, USA, where a personal and professional friendship began that continues to this day.

The CD 'Felix Austria' is evidence of a special affinity, which both musicians have with the Hungarian and Czech repertoire. It is the crystallisation of years of study and giving concerts all over the world of this music and therefore pays homage to their former Czech and Hungarian teachers, Jiří Prchal, Janos Starker and György Sebök.

Cellist Pamela Smits and pianist Sabine Simon recording in the Recital Hall of the Philharmonie in Haarlem, the Netherlands, July 2009